Top 10 Cardiology apps for Junior Doctors

Conor Joseph McQuillan


The unrelenting evolving nature of the technology industry has not only changed the world of medicine but somewhat engulfed it. The acquisition of smart phones has unleashed an incomprehensible volume of information into the most compact devices. As a result the stereotypical junior doctor clutching the oxford handbook of clinical medicine is an uncommon sight in today’s hospitals. They have been replaced by competent, technologically equipped individuals with the capacity to access any condition through a world of smart phone apps. In this article I review some of the most useful cardiology apps which I have personal firsthand experience using as a junior doctor working in a cardiology ward. I review the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most commonly downloaded apps and tell you how good they really are. All the apps were reviewed on an iPhone 4, although are widely available for all smart phones.  

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